Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation can help you save money and time, and have less stress

Choose mediation to save money, because the cost is shared by both parties. That’s right – the fee covers BOTH you and your spouse. Most clients share the cost equally, but you and your spouse may choose what works for you.
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Divorce mediation can help you divorce without Attorneys

​​You can obtain your Florida divorce without hiring an attorney.  With our services, you will likely save money and time by participating in this process. You can also limit the damage done to your emotions, your children, and your finances. Kathryn will guide you and your spouse through a Florida divorce mediation and provide a writing of the results of the divorce mediation.​​

You can join a process by which you and your spouse are able to make your own decisions freely in the interest of what is best for you and your family.  Unlike a court battle, the process is informal, and decisions rest with the spouses, rather than with the judge.  A mediator does not make decisions for you but helps you navigate the communication difficulties you may have with your spouse in order to reach agreements you both want to consent to.  We do not coerce or forced you to do decide anything you can’t comfortably agree to.  Kathryn helps you find creative solutions by listening to you and your spouse and helping you discover ways to communicate and solve your divorce issues outside the courtroom.

Parenting Modification Mediation

Parenting modification mediation can help you be a better co-parent

Children are a beautiful result of the relationship between two people.  Unfortunately, when a divorce or breakup occurs, the children often suffer more than they need to.  When you have children, a divorce or breakup does not change the fact that the child has two parents; we call them co-parents.  When both parents participate in mediation instead of a court battle over their children, the result is most often better for both parents AND the children.

Participating in parenting mediation can help both parents be better co-parents.  Co-parents can learn to stay calm, really look at the best interests of their children, and learn effective communication techniques for future use. After all, you will co-parent your children at least until they are 18, and probably beyond.

The fees for parenting modification mediation are shared by both parties. That’s right – the fee covers BOTH you and your children’s co-parent. You share the cost as you choose. Our fee is far less than an attorney might charge one person for just a retainer!
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Parenting modification mediation can help you modify your parenting plan without attorneys

​Agreements to modify your parenting plan do not require hiring an attorney.  You will likely save money and time by participating in the modification mediation process and minimize the damage done to your emotions and your children. Kathryn guides you and your children’s co-parent through a Florida mediation then put your agreement in writing for you to present to the court.


Services offered are for mediation services only. Kathryn Huffer is not a licensed attorney; therefore, she does not give legal advice or perform the duties of an attorney. A mediator is ethically bound to be neutral and may not act as an advocate or attorney for either party.

Information on this site is not advice of any kind, legal, tax, financial or otherwise. It is provided for your educational and informational purposes only. For legal advice, you should consult with a licensed attorney. For tax or other advice you should consult with an appropriately licensed individual.

Paternity Mediation

Paternity Mediation Can Help You be a Better Co-Parent

Every child has two parents. We call them co-parents. A child born out of wedlock may  bring about a paternity action filed in court. This safeguards the rights and best interests of the child. In addition, it secures the rights and responsibilities of both parents.  Oftentimes, the parents may not have a good relationship.  They may even feel hostility toward each other. Paternity mediation can help.

Co-parenting is rarely easy, and it is especially difficult when parents live apart. Due to differing styles, personalities, and parenting philosophies, conflict can arise. Co-parents may have different ideas about their role. Paternity cases can be difficult, and disagreements arise.  Furthermore, what often follows is expensive attorney fees, long delays, and emotional upheaval for both parents and the child.  Consequently, the emotional, physical, and financial costs can be high and long-lasting. Avoid this by using paternity mediation.

Paternity Mediation Helps You Communicate

Especially relevant, there are three issues parents must work through:

  • parental responsibility
  • time sharing
  • child support

Parental responsibility is how the parents share the decision making. Parenting involves a lot of decisions, such as school, medical care, babysitters, and more.
Time sharing is how the parents share time with the child. As a result, you plan for the child’s time with each parent.
In addition, both parents provide financial support for the child. Therefore, Florida has guidelines for figuring child support.
Finally, any of these three issues may result in disagreement. Parents often have difficulty communicating on their own. Mediation can help you work with each other.  Y can avoid making your child a battleground. Paternity mediation helps co-parents communicate effectively, resulting in solutions that work for everyone in the best interest of your child.